Solutions to ensure your boilerhouse is safe and efficient.

Boiler house

Steam Traps

Steam trapping solutions that effectively remove condensate will improve operating efficiency, safety and reduce energy costs in your steam system.

Steam traps

Control Systems

Robust and high-performance controls to meet pressure, temperature and safety requirements, from simple self acting controls to complex systems.

Controls systems


Reliable, accurate metering for measuring and monitoring energy efficiencies in your steam system.


Heat Transfer Solutions

Efficient heat transfer and clean steam generation solutions to improve system productivity and steam quality across your system.


Pipeline Ancillaries

Effective ancillaries will keep your processes and systems running at peak operating efficiency.


Condensate Pumps

Improve your operating efficiency with our condensate recovery solutions, designed to remove, recover and reuse condensate.

Condensate pumps

Isolation Valves

Safe isolation provided by a comprehensive range of designs, materials and sizes to meet your application needs

Isolation Valves

Humidification Products

Be in control of humidification in your environment with our direct steam injection and self-generative humidifiers.

Humidification Products

Compressed Air Products

Ensure air is delivered to the point of use at the right quantity and quality.

Compressed products