Bijur Delimon has a large selection of lubrication pumps to fit a variety of applications and style preferences.  Both oil and grease pumps are available in all categories of your choosing. Click on each category below to see our impressive line of lubricating pumps. 


Aside from the lubrication pump, the next most important part of the system are the distribution elements. Select category below to match your selected type of pump.


Controllers are an integral part of a lubrication system. They allow you to program and set your lube system specifically to your machine’s required cycle intervals.

Monitoring of the lubrication system is an important option, verifying the lube system has performed a lube cycle. Cycle switches for progressive systems and pressure switches for injector systems are popular choices.


Bijur Delimon has vast product offerings for special lubrication products to fit all your specialized customer applications. From air-oil chain lubrication to spindles lubrication, we pride ourselves on solutions for all of your lubrication needs.


Bijur Delimon offers a vast product offering for all the accessories your lubrication systems require. Browse through these product categories to find all of your system components in one place.