In order to fulfill the need of actuators that are both simple and sturdy, we have created the First BC label.

BERNARD CONTROLS, inventor of the industrial compact quarter turn actuator, brings to its customers valve actuation solutions supported by decades of experience.

Through discussions with users over the years, Bernard Controls has identified a demand for electric actuators that are both simple and sturdy. This demand is fulfilled with BERNARD CONTROLS’ FIRST BC labelled products.

These actuators are well designed to work under moderate environmental & operational conditions.

This range has been developed without compromising on quality, applying the unique expertise and feedback that are the cornerstones of Bernard Controls’ reputation.

Thus, the First BC label is the guarantee of actuator solutions with a total cost of ownership (TCO) among the lowest in their category, thanks to easy commissioning, proven reliability and a maintenance-free design.

With its industrial, compact and sturdy design the Quarter-Turn EZ range is the first BERNARD CONTROLS’ range which meets all criteria set by the FIRS T BC label.

  • Weatherproof Quarter-turn Actuators
  • Adaptation to all quarter-turn valves:
    – Torque range from 45 to 10,000 N m
  • IP 67 / NEMA 4
  • Type of operation:
    – On/Off
    – Positioning
  • Type of controls:
    – Switches – EZ SWITCH for On-Off applications
    – Integrated control – EZ LOGIC for On-Off or Positioning applications

Industrial actuation made easy!

  • Easy to install thanks to compactness, prewired product up to EZ60 for EZ SWITCH, non-intrusive settings for EZ LOGIC models
  • Easy to use with local display and signaling by LED on EZ LOGIC models (integrated control)
  • Easy to maintain as EZ are maintenance-free