IEC Low voltage motors are suitable for all industries, all applications – fulfilling all national and international mandatory efficiency regulations.

ABB offers two types of standard induction motors: Process performance and General performance motors.

Process performance motors:
Designed for most demanding environments and applications
Designed to last – award winning product range
Prepared to answer any reliability, availability and energy efficiency challenge – now and tomorrow
Full monitoring availabilit

Motors for use in hazardous areas are subject to rigorous safety requirements all over the world. By contrast, efficiency requirements for these motors vary widely between markets: some countries have tough requirements in force but others still do not have mandatory minimum efficiency levels. Nevertheless, motor users in all parts of the world are seeking ways to cut costs and reduce their environmental impact, and this has led to strong demand for efficient motors for applications in hazardous areas.

ABB meets this need by supplying a range of high and premium efficiency motors for hazardous areas. Efficient motors cost slightly more to purchase, but the big energy savings that are possible can make payback times very short. Other benefits include cooler running, which helps to cut maintenance requirements and extend the lifetime of key motor components.

ABB’s BSM series servo motors offer a wide choice of high or low inertia models with winding options, feedback devices and gearheads to match.  All ABB servo motors are designed for durability, and ability to handle harsh environments.

High and low inertia models to suit application demands
Continuous torque ranges from 0.16 Nm to 120 Nm and peak torques up to 320 Nm
Stainless steel designs suitable for harsh environments and for the pharmaceutical and food processing industry

ABB’s low backlash GBSM-series of gearheads are alos available for easily and direct mounting to BSM C-series and N-series servo motors.